zaatar roll pies


How to make zaatar roll pies

Our recipe for today is pies with dough mixed with green thyme. We present it to you as a kind of change, a recipe that looks and tastes delicious, and its preparation is easy and fast.

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 15 minutes

Total time: 30 minutes


    two cups of water

    two tablespoons of yeast

    two spoons of sugar

    Half a cup of powdered milk

    5 cups of flour

    cup olive oil 

    Two tablespoons of nigella

    2 cups chopped green thyme

    Mozzarella cheese for filling

How to prepare

    First we prepare the yeast, where we put two cups of warm water, yeast and sugar and leave them to interact together.

    We add flour, powdered milk, oil and nigella and knead them together, then add green thyme and knead, then cover the dough and leave it for an hour to ferment.

    After an hour, we start forming the dough, stuffing it, twisting it, wrapping it like a snail, then placing it in trays on butter paper and putting it in the oven to brown, brushing its face with olive oil.

    In this way, our recipe is over, but we must not forget to mention to you some of the benefits of green thyme. It helps lower blood pressure, treats cough, boosts immunity and fights colon cancer because it contains antioxidants, not to mention that it is considered an antibiotic and a natural antiseptic.

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