7 different tuna dishes, prepare them in Sham El-Nessim


Learn the easiest way to make different tuna dishes in Sham El-Nessim with simple steps, with their original ingredients and proper ingredients, to get the best results when preparing them using the distinctive and delicious "Yami" method. Try them now at your home and make your family happy.

 Tuna sandwich

 Tuna sandwich ingredients:

 A quarter of a century of hot pepper, cut into small strips.

 Four tablespoons of canned sweet corn.

 Two tablespoons of light mayonnaise.

 Salt and black pepper to taste.

 Cucumber cut into very small cubes.

 Lettuce leaves.

 A can of tuna filtered from oil.

 A tablespoon of yoghurt.

 two big spoons of lemon juice.

 Two pieces of tortilla bread.

 A tablespoon of mustard paste.

 Half a small red onion, cut into small pieces

 How to make a tuna sandwich:

 Bring a deep mixing bowl and mix mayonnaise, mustard, yogurt and lemon juice together, then put the cucumber, pepper, red onion, corn and tuna in the mixture.

 Put some of the tuna mixture on the tortilla slice and roll it well.

 Bring a serving plate and put the sandwich with the salad and serve it with health and wellness.

 Corn tuna salad

 Corn Salad Ingredients:

 Tuna can.

 Sliced ​​whole lettuce.

 Sliced ​​red pepper.

 Sliced ​​green pepper.

 3 tablespoons lemon juice.

 ½ can of sweet corn.

 1 cup cherry tomatoes.

 3 tablespoons of olive oil.

 3 sliced ​​cucumbers.

 Salt and black pepper to taste.

 How to make tuna salad:

 In a deep bowl, put lettuce, cucumber, colored pepper, corn and tomatoes.

 Add to the previous mixture olive oil, lemon juice and tuna after filtering from the water.

 Sprinkle with salt and black pepper to taste, mix well, then serve.

 Potato balls with tuna

 Potato balls with tuna:

 kilogram of potatoes

 Three cans of tuna

 Chicken broth cube

 Salt, to taste)

 Black pepper to taste)

 2 scrambled eggs

 Two cups of white flour

 1 teaspoon baking powder

 Two cups of rusk

 ¼ cup chopped green coriander

 Four tablespoons of liquid milk

 Two tablespoons of butter

 One medium size onion, finely chopped

 Two sweet green peppers

 Three cloves of minced garlic

 2 tablespoons vegetable oil (for sauteing)

 How to make potato balls with tuna:

 Boil the potatoes in a saucepan of plenty of boiling salted water for thirty minutes, until the potatoes are tender.

 Heat the milk until it is warm and then dissolve the chicken broth cube in it.

 Peel and chop the potatoes, then mash them, add the butter and milk mixture, then season the potatoes with salt and black pepper.

 Add the tuna to the potatoes, then stir the mixture well.

 Add green coriander to the mixture and stir until well combined.

 Saute onion, garlic and sweet green pepper in vegetable oil until soft, then add the mixture to the potato mixture.

 Stir the potato mixture well until it becomes homogeneous.

 Line a baking tray with butter paper.

 Put the eggs in a wide dish, season with salt and black pepper and mix well, then put the flour with the baking powder in another dish, add salt and black pepper, stir the flour well, and put the breadcrumbs in another dish.

 Form the potato paste into equal-sized balls and arrange on the tray.

 Dip the balls in the beaten egg, then in the flour, then in the beaten egg, then in the breadcrumbs.

 Arrange the potato balls on the lined tray and place in the refrigerator for at least thirty minutes.

 Fry the potato balls with tuna in hot vegetable oil until browned on all sides.

 Serve potato balls with tuna directly on the table.

 Tuna pancake

 Tuna pancake ingredients

 Half a cup of almond flour

 600 grams of tuna

 big egg

 2 cups cabbage

 3 bunches of green onions

 Two tablespoons of mayonnaise

 Two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar

 Teaspoon salt

 1 tablespoon of olive oil

 How to prepare tuna pancake:

 Chop the cabbage and mix the mayonnaise, cabbage, apple cider vinegar, green onions and salt together and put the mixture in the freezer for at least 30 minutes

 Mix the almond flour, eggs, tuna and 2 bunches of chopped green onions in a bowl, and divide the mixture into 3 equal parts that form patties.

 Put the oil in the frying pan and turn on the heat between medium to high

 Gently put the tuna patties in the hot oil and cook on one side without touching it for 3 minutes over medium heat until you get crispy pieces.

 Flip on the other side and cook for another 3 minutes

 Place the pancakes on a paper towel on a plate to absorb the oil

 Served with tuna pancake with coleslaw

 Tiger pocket with tuna

 Pocket Tiger Tuna Ingredients:

 Soft white toast.

 Tuna can.

 spoonful of mayonnaise

 2 pieces of triangle cheese.

 A tomato cut into small pieces.

 Bell pepper cut into small cubes.

 A small onion chopped in the form of cubes.

 A bunch of chopped parsley.

 frying oil.

 Small spoon of salt.

 A teaspoon of black pepper.

 A teaspoon of cumin.

 Two eggs.


 How to make a pocket tiger with tuna:

 Remove the edges of the toast pieces, then place both pieces on top of each other and spread them well with the broth.

 Cut the toast with any circular cutter or tool suitable for forming a circle from it. Put the round toast in the beaten eggs and then in the breadcrumbs.

 In a deep pot, put a sufficient amount of oil, then fry the toast pieces until they swell and become golden. You will not need more than a minute and a half in the pan. This recipe can become as healthy as preparing the merchant’s pocket in the oven as an alternative to frying with oil.

 Cut each piece that you remove from the oil after it is completely cooked in half.

 To prepare the filling, add a spoonful of mayonnaise with the triangle cheese pieces in a small dish and mix well until the cheese melts with mayonnaise.

 Add the cheese mixture and mayonnaise to the tuna, as well as the tomatoes, peppers, chopped parsley and onions, then mix the ingredients together well.

 After mixing the ingredients well, add salt, cumin and pepper, then start mixing again. You can add a teaspoon of lemon juice as desired.

 Add the mixture to the halves of the ready-made loaves of toast in sufficient quantities, and then it is ready to be served.

 Tuna salad with olives and pasta

 Ingredients for Tuna Salad with Olives and Pasta:

 2 cups of pasta (according to taste).

 Half a can of tuna.

 Quarter cup of chopped onion.

 Three quarters of a cup of salad dressing.

 Four cups of fresh spinach.

 How to make tuna salad with olives and pasta:

 Prepare the pasta according to the preparation instructions on the box and set aside.

 In a large bowl, prepare the tuna meat and mix the pasta with the sauce, chopped onions and add black pepper to taste.

 The bowl containing the mixture is covered and placed in the refrigerator for two hours. Fresh spinach is prepared during this period, to be added to the ingredients of the mixture when serving, and chopped olives are added, and the rest of the ingredients as desired. The dish can also be decorated when serving with lettuce leaves and tomato slices to give an additional beauty that allows listening. Also theoretically.

 Toast rolls with tuna

 Ingredients for tuna toast:

 can of tuna drained from oil

 6 slices soft white toast

 2 tablespoons finely chopped green olives

 tablespoon mayonnaise

 tablespoon butter

 teaspoon lemon juice

 Black pepper to taste

 How to prepare tuna toast rolls:

 Bring the white toast, cut its brown edges, and roll it out with a rolling pin until it becomes thin to make it easier to fold.

 Take a bowl and put the tuna in it with lemon juice, black pepper, mayonnaise and green olives.

 Stuff the toast slices with tuna and roll it into a roll.

 Bring a non-stick frying pan and put it on a medium heat and put the butter and leave it until it melts and put the toast rolls with tuna until it takes the golden color and flip it on all directions and then remove it from the fire.

 Bring a special serving dish, put the toast rolls in it, decorate it with chopped parsley, and serve it hot for your family with health and wellness.

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