rice with nuts

 rice with nuts

 Stuffed grape leaves on the Egyptian way

 Learn about the easiest way to make delicious rice with nuts, in simple steps, with its original ingredients and proper ingredients, to get the best results when preparing it on the delicious “Yami” method, try it now in your home and make your family happy.


 10 minutes

  4 people

 Rice with nuts

 2 cups of basmati rice 3 cups of chicken soup of the same standard 3 tablespoons of ghee 1 package of canned sweet corn 1 cup of peeled almonds 1 cup of pine nuts 2 cups of mixed vegetables "peas, carrots and green beans" 1 medium onion, chopped 1 chicken broth cube 3 pieces of Cardamom 2 cinnamon sticks 3 laura leaves 1 teaspoon meat spices Salt and black pepper to taste 1 tablespoon turmeric or saffron

 How to prepare

  35 minutes

 Bring a large pot and put it on a medium heat, then put the ghee and leave it until it melts, then put the chopped onions and my heart until the onions wilt and become golden.

 Add a cup of soup to the onion and leave it to boil.

 Put on the previous mixture the amount of vegetables and corn with all the spices shown and put the chicken broth cube.

 Leave the vegetables until they absorb the amount of soup and begin to ripen.

 Wash the basmati rice well, then put it on the vegetables and sweet corn, and put 2 cups of soup on them, and gradually add if the rice needs more soup.

 Provided that it does not exceed another half a cup, taking into account the salt. After 15 minutes, we uncover the lid of the pot to make sure that the rice has entered maturity.

 Bring a frying pan and put it on a medium heat, then put the ghee in it and leave it until it melts, then put the peeled almonds and stir it until it turns red and before it reaches the golden color, add the pine nuts and my heart for a minute, then remove them from the fire.

 Put the roasted nuts in the rice bowl and lightly stir the rice with the vegetables and nuts by placing them so that the rice does not break and remains in the shape of a long grain, then close the fire.

chickpea rice


 10 minutes

 3 people

 Ingredients for making rice with chickpeas 2 cups washed and soaked rice.

 A cup of boiled chickpeas. 2 tablespoons edible oil. tablespoon butter. 3 cups of water or broth. Salt and black pepper to your liking. Chopped parsley for garnish.

 How to prepare

 25 minutes

 Heat the oil and butter in a saucepan over a medium heat, then add the rice and stir well.

 Add water or broth, stir, and leave the rice until it boils.

 Add salt and boiled chickpeas, then reduce the heat and cover the pot, and let the rice cook.

 Remove the rice from the heat and leave it covered for about ten minutes.

 Sprinkle the rice face with black pepper, garnish it with chopped parsley and serve it hot for your family's health and wellness.

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