Arizona Sunshine Lemon Pie

 Lovers of citrus fruits, discover this delicately tangy lemon pie recipe easy to make. With the right amount of sugar, the pie crust will soften the acidity of the lemon cream.


° 200 g of wheat flour  
° 100 g of icing sugar  
° 80 g of butter  
° 1 egg  
° 1 pinch of salt  
° 4 lemons (15 cl of juice and 3 zest)
° 125 g cane sugar
° 50 g butter
° 3 eggs
° 1 C.   heaped tsp-cornstarch

* Preparation  :

1.Prepare shortcrust pastry by pouring sifted wheat flour, sugar-icing & salt to  bowl.Adding softened butter also cut to pieces.Then work the dough by hand, with your fingertips, then add the whole egg and knead until you get a nice ball of homogeneous dough. Covering with cling film & set apart for 2 h in refrigerator.
Preheaat oven 200 ° C (th. 7). Use a roll pin, spreading pie crust between 2 sheets of light floured paper-baking.Roll out the dough to a thickness of 3 mm and line a tart mold previously buttered and floured. Prick dough with fork, covering bottom of disc with parchment paper also garnish with baking-balls. Baking bottom of dough to cooking it blank for 10 min at 200 ° C. Lower oven to 180 ° C also keep cook for 15 min . Let the pie crust cool on a wire rack.
Prepare the lemon cream. Grate zest of 3 lemons & squeeze juice of all citrus fruits to obtain 15 cl. In bowl, beat eggs with lemon zest & cane sugar blanch them. Adding cornstarch also beat again.Bring the lemon juice to a boil in a saucepan and pour it boiling over the eggs, stirring vigorously.Return the lemon cream to the saucepan and let thicken over low heat for 3 minutes, stirring constantly. Stop cooking and let cool. Incorporate-butter cutting to pieces. Blend to you get  smooth.
Garnish pie shell with cream-lemon. Smooth surface well with spatula. Permit cool & reserve in refrigerator at least 1 h  before eat .


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