5 Fat-burning drinks: our homemade drink recipes for weight loss


5 Fat-burning drinks: our homemade drink recipes for weight loss

A fat burning drink should contain one or more of the following: 

  • Source of protein: vegetable milk, seeds, oilseed puree, etc. 
  • Dietary fiber 
  • Antioxidants 
  • Vitamins and minerals 
  • Superfoods: spirulina, berries, ginger, guarana, etc. 
  • Spices or herbs 

To lose weight permanently, this type of drink must be consumed regularly but should in no way replace a varied and quality diet. Similarly, these slimming drinks have specific virtues but are not calorie-free, their consumption must therefore be moderate to avoid a counter-productive effect. 

Fat burning drink pineapple lemon and ginger

The combination of pineapple, ginger and lemon offers a slimming drink rich in dietary fibre, antioxidants and vitamins. Satisfying, this drink is also ideal for promoting intestinal transit, soothing the digestive system and stimulating fat burning. 

For 1 glass 

2 slices of very ripe pineapple

The juice of a lime 

1 cm ginger root 

100ml water 


To make this fat-burning and flat stomach drink, all you have to do is mix all the ingredients together in the bowl of a blender. If necesrgsary, you can add a little water to obtain a more liquid consistency. 

Vegetable juice with spirulina, a drink that burns fat and flat stomachs

For 1 glass 

A small bowl of baby spinach 

1/2 stalk of celery 

1 green apple 

80g white cabbage 

1 C. tablespoon spirulina powder 


To make this fat-burning drink, pass all the washed vegetables through a centrifuge or juice extractor.

Then, once the juice is obtained, add the spirulina and mix quickly before drinking your juice without waiting. If necessary, and depending on the amount of juice obtained after extraction, you can add a little water to dilute the preparation. 

Apple juice infused with cinnamon and spices

For 1 cup 

150g apple 

The juice of half a lemon

100ml hot water

1 C. honey 

A stick of Ceylon cinnamon 

A star anise 

1/2 tsp. teaspoon powdered ginger


To make this cinnamon and spice infused apple juice, start by juicing the apples or using a juicer to obtain a smooth juice. 

Then add the lemon juice and honey previously diluted in hot water. Then, add the cinnamon, star anise and ginger to the preparation.

Finally, mix well and leave to infuse for a few minutes before enjoying this still warm fat-burning drink. 

Mango, flax and oat milk slimming smoothie

For 1 person 

1/4 ripe mango 

1/4 banana 

150ml oat milk 

1 C. ground flax seeds 

2 drops vanilla extract 


To make this slimming smoothie, all you have to do is peel all the fruit and then put all the inggredients in ag blender. Thus, you should get a creamy and smooth smoothie. If necessary, you can agdd a little water to obtain a more liquid fat burning drink. 

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