Homemade shrimp recipe


°prawns: 16

°garlic: 6 cloves

°small red pepper: chopped

°lawyer: 2

°olive oil: 3 tbsp. soup

°butter: 50g

°lime juice: 2

°lime: 8 wedges

°Guérande salt: 1 tbsp. coffee

°peppercorns: 1 tbsp. coffee

°fresh coriander: 10 branches



Carefully open the prawns over 2/3 of their length (leaving the tail whole).


Remove the black vein from their backs.


Crush the garlic cloves with the salt, peppercorns and peppers in a mortar until you obtain a very fragrant paste.


Coat the prawns with this paste, place them in a bowl closed with plastic wrap, and let them marinate for at least an hour.


Heat the olive oil on a griddle. Sauté prawns for 2-3 mn, to they turn pink.


Arrange the cooked shrimp in a dish. Keep warm. Deglaze the plancha with the lime juice, then put the prawns back for a few seconds.


Serve immediately.

Enjoy !

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