Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

 Ingredients / for six people

°1 small pineapple

°15 sugar cubes

°three eggs

°150g caster sugar

°150g butter

°150g flour

°1 packet of baking powder

°1 carton of pineapple juice



1In a small saucepan, put together the caramel with the 15 sugar cubes soaked in water. When it's miles well browned, pour it right into a mold.

2Peel the pineapple, leaving no brown particles. Cutting it to slices about 1 cm thick. Cut and do away with the primary fibrous part. Arrange the slices withinside the bottom of the mould, at the caramel.

3In a bowl, paintings the butter with a timber spatula to make it creamy. Add the sugar, blend well, in order that the training is creamy and incorporate, one after the other, the complete eggs. Mix the baking powder with the flour and upload step by step to the mixture. If you've got got pineapple chunks left, you may blend them into the batter.

4Pour this training into the mould, with out traumatic the portions and cook in a slight oven for 30 minutes. Make certain the cake is cooked well via way of means of pricking it with the end of a knife, which must pop out dry.

5Unmold via way of means of inverting the mould onto a serving platter.

To finish

Gradually pour the pineapple juice over the cake to permit it drink: this makes it much softer.

Enjoy !

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