Strawberry Milk Cake

 A very light dessert that will remind you of the famous and delicious.

A dessert inspired by Turkish cuisine, which I presented in Lamast Scheherazade show.

It is a dessert made of milk that is thickened with starch and flour.

You will use a fine cookie of your choice to add good texture.

Our dessert is garnished with strawberry cole to add a very nice fruity flavour…

Our dessert would be perfect for Ramadan evenings or for a good summer meal, hmmm I like.

You can diversify the fun by changing the cookie used. The sauce, with which we will cover the dessert, can be chocolate, caramel or a fruit collie other than strawberry.


°1 liter milk

°1.5 cups of sugar

°1 cup flour (100 g flour)

°1 cup of starch (140 g of cornstarch).

°1 . cream sachet

°1 cup coconut

°100gm light cream cheese

°1 vanilla packet

°biscuits (as you like)

+To decorate:

°Desired sauce (caramel, chocolate or fruit sauce)


°1 cup strawberry (mashed)

°4 tablespoons of sugar

°1 tablespoon of cornstarch

°Cookies of your choice


Mix flour and sugar. Coconut starch in a saucepan

Mix well and add milk slowly while stirring

Keep cooking until it boils and let it cook for another 5 minutes

R, remove from heat and mix

Add cream cheese and vanilla

and won too

In a mould, put a wrapping film so that it fits all the walls

casting machine

Smooth, put cookies inside


Back to serving plate

Make strawberry sauce by mixing strawberry purée, sugar and starch

let it thicken

Mix, let cool and cover your cake

Garnish with mint leaves, ground hazelnuts or almonds

Enjoy !

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