7 spoon cake

 7 spoon cake and no cooler 😍😋

 * In a bowl we put 3 eggs + 7 spoons of sugar + a spoon of Laffani + mix them well with a blender + add 7 spoons of oil + 7 spoons of milk and continue to stir + 7 spoons of flour together with a spoon of cocoa + 2 bags of yeast and mix well and then empty the mixture into a mall and put it in the oven + after Ok, drink it with: a cup of milk, together with a spoon of sugar and a spoon of cocoa over a fire that does not dissolve sugar, brush it and let it cool down and drink it.

 Cream: a cup of cream shunti + a cup other than a quarter of cold milk, and we add a tablespoon of toffee and we take it out with a blender.

 * It will be a cold cake, we divide it in the middle and put it as a layer of cream in the middle.🥯

 Then we empty the cream over the cake and put it in the refrigerator.

 * In a frying pan, a cup of sugar to melt, add 2 cans of yoghurt with caramel taste and mix, let them cool and empty the caramel over the cake and decorate with nuts.

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