Algerian RACHTA


Rachta ingredients

 Rashta 1 kg

 A cup of oil

 salt as needed

 water as needed

 broth ingredients

 ghee 1/2 tablespoon

 Oil 2 tablespoons

 Minced onion 2 large kebabs

 1 cup pre-soaked chickpeas

 Chicken 4 thighs

 one cinnamon stick

 Black pepper 1/2 teaspoon

 salt as needed

 Hill 3 to 4 grains

 Ginger powder 1/2 tablespoon

 Turnip 3 or 4 grains

 Hot water as needed

 Algerian Rachta with Chicken. In this recipe, we will present to you the easiest way to prepare the Algerian Rachta with chicken, accompanied by pictures, as the Rachta is one of the popular traditional dishes in the Algerian East.

 Rashta is prepared in abundance during religious seasons and holidays, such as the Prophet’s birthday and others. It is a sheet of dough that is kneaded without fermentation, thinned several times, cut lengthwise, left to dry, and then cooked.

How to prepare Algerian Rachta with chicken


 In a saucepan on the fire, put the butter and oil

 Add the chopped onions and chicken thighs and fry them well until the chicken is slightly browned

 Add salt, black pepper, cinnamon stick, cardamom pods, powdered ginger and soaked chickpeas and stir all well.

 Add hot water, close the pot and leave it for about 10 minutes

 After we make sure the chicken is cooked, remove it and add the peeled and chopped turnip, previously sprinkled with salt and black pepper, and let it cook.

 Fry the chicken thighs in the oil a little to get a golden color

 Remove a small amount of broth and use it to sprinkle the spray later

How to prepare the rash


 We open the sprinkler well with hands and spray it with oil and try to get the oil in all the sprinklers

 We put it in couscous for the first time

 After it boils, we empty it into a wide dish and sprinkle it with salt and water

 After the sprinkler has absorbed the water well, we deflate it for the second time.

 After it boils, we empty it into a wide bowl and sprinkle it with broth (we remove an amount of the broth after it has matured and sprinkle it with the sprinkle).

 We open it well by hand to absorb the broth and return it to boil for the last time.

 After it boils, pour it with broth while it is hot

 We empty it into a serving dish and decorate it with turnips, chicken and chickpeas, and the Algerian rasha with chicken is ready.

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