2 cups of frying

1/2 cup ghee

1/2 cup of rose water and water

1/2 teaspoon chemical yeast

a pinch of salt

1 small spoonful of vinegar



In a bowl, put the farina, the salt, mix with some cleaning melted ghee, mix with our hands well, rub it, add a teaspoon of vinegar and half a teaspoon of chemical yeast and mix them well, then add the mixture of water and blossom water and combine the dough with a little kneading for about a minute until the dough gathers, put the dough in a plastic bag And let it rest for at least an hour

After the dough has rested well, put a little flour on the work surface and open the dough with halal in the form of a square. The thickness of the dough should be thin. We remove the excess with the tractor in the form of a large rectangle, then divide it into rectangles vertically and then divide them horizontally until we form squares in each square we open three holes

Vertically, then we carry the squares to form them, we insert the index finger into one of the holes and leave the other, then we enter the thumb and carry the lower corner and take it out of the holes, this is how a braid is formed for us

After forming all the braids, heat the oil well, and the oil should be dark. Put the koreoshes and sprinkle them with oil with a spoon until they swell up and bubbles form and leave them until they take a golden color

We leave the qareush kernels to cool, then heat the honey and dip the griwech kernels in honey and decorate them with sesame

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