Stuffed bread

 #Stuffed bread and not the best brick 🌹🌹🌹

 the recipe :

  two cups of ferina

 One cup of semolina cup

 Big spoon of yeast for bread

 big spoon of sugar


 And fill it with warm milk

 Knead it well and pinch it and let it ferment, then open the first pinch and fill it with the filling and close it with a second pinch and grease it with oil and put it to cook, so the tagine will be hot, then we cut it a little and let it cook well so that the picture.


 Scallops Marini Put the scallops, small pieces, a spoonful of puree, a spoonful of stalk, and curry, salt and a little oil.

 #With health and here 😍😍

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