Sweet easy with sour

 Sweet easy with sour ♥️

 the ingredients:

 1 cup melted butter

 1 cup sugar

 1 cup starch

 1 red yeast

 grated sour peel

 2 eggs


 To decorate:

 lemon juice

 soft sugar

 How to prepare:

 Mix well the butter with sugar, then add the first egg and mix, then the second egg and mix, then add the grated acid and mix, then add the starch, yeast and flour (in batches) and mix until we get a soft dough

 Form the dough into small balls and put it on a tray with cooking paper, then put it in the oven preheated at 180 degrees until it becomes soft, then let it cool completely before decorating

 We dip the sweet in the lemon juice, then we roll it with caster sugar, then let it dry for about 15 minutes, then roll it up again in the caster sugar.

 With health and comfort ♥️


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