Comforting Chicken & Noodles Crock Pot


Imagine wrapping your hands around a bowl of something hearty, creamy, and utterly delicious. That's exactly the warm embrace of comfort our Crock Pot Chicken and Noodles bring to your table. It's not just a dish; it's a melange of tender, flavorful chicken and rich, creamy noodles that weave a tapestry of taste with every bite. And for those with discerning taste buds, even they will be scooping up every last delightful morsel. Get ready to add a new beloved dish to your family's culinary collection!

I'm beyond excited to share my love for this recipe! I’ve always stuck strictly to the script, occasionally tossing in a bag of mixed veggies for an extra dash of color and nutrients. However, a little experiment last week - using both white and dark meat - took me on a surprisingly delightful culinary detour. With the store out of frozen noodles and a bag of cheese ravioli winking at me from the next freezer section, I hesitantly ventured off-recipe - a rare move for a dedicated recipe follower like me! The result? An utterly creamy, delicious dish that whispered notes of a crustless pot pie with every bite.

🍲 Hearty Crock Pot Chicken and Noodles


2 cans of cream of chicken soup

2 cans of chicken broth (15oz each)

1 stick of butter or margarine

1 lb of chicken breasts (fresh or frozen)

1 package of frozen egg noodles (24 oz) - I used Reames.


Layer Your Flavors: Place the chicken at the bottom of the crockpot, cascading over it the chicken broth and soup. Crown this layer with the stick of butter, then set the crockpot to a low setting for a luxurious 6-7 hour simmer.

Shred and Return: Post simmering, extract the chicken, shred it finely, and usher it back into the crockpot.

Noodle Time: Introduce the frozen noodles to the mix, cooking for an additional 2 hours, and giving it a gentle stir every 30 minutes until perfection is achieved.

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Every spoonful of this Crock Pot Chicken and Noodles promises not just a meal, but a comforting, culinary experience that cradles you in its hearty and homely embrace. A recipe that's bound to secure a spot in your family’s dinner rotation, it invites you to not just eat, but revel in every comforting bite. So, dive into a bowl and wrap yourself in its comforting warmth today!

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