My family begs me to make this recipe every week, and the best part is that it's so easy


Picture this: The unmistakable scent of steak sizzling to perfection, blending seamlessly with the rich notes of garlic and the comforting aroma of potatoes. All this, neatly packed within a foil packet, waiting to be unraveled like a culinary present. Welcome to our game-changing recipe for Garlic Steak & Potato Foil Packets. This is more than just a dish; it's an experience, perfectly designed for barbecues, picnics, or a touch of luxury on an ordinary weeknight.

A summer memory stands out vividly: a spontaneous lakeside picnic with my family. The blanket laid out, the serene ambiance of the lake, and then the sudden realization - I had forgotten to marinate our picnic steaks! But, as fate would have it, an inspiration struck, and the memory of a garlic steak foil packet recipe came to my rescue.

Armed with fresh garlic, crisp potatoes, and trusty foil, we improvised. What emerged from the grill was nothing short of a revelation. The steak, juicy and marinated with the essence of garlic, paired brilliantly with flawlessly cooked potatoes. It was a dish that transformed a simple picnic into a gourmet feast.

From that day on, these foil packets weren't just a recipe; they became a cherished tradition, accompanying us on camping adventures, picnics, and soul-warming evenings at home.


Give this recipe a whirl, and you'll understand why it has a permanent spot in our culinary repertoire. It’s not just about the flavors; it’s about the memories you create along the way. Save it, savor it, and let every bite transport you to a place of pure gastronomic joy! 


2 pounds lean sirloin steak, trimmed and cut into 2-inch chunks

1 pound baby yellow potatoes, quartered or halved to your liking

1 tablespoon minced garlic (adjust to taste)

2 teaspoons Italian seasoning (alternatively, a mix of dried oregano, thyme, and parsley)

1 teaspoon onion powder

3 tablespoons olive oil

Salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste


Preparation: If oven-baking, preheat to 425°F (220°C).

Mix & Marinate: In a large mixing bowl, combine steak, potatoes, olive oil, garlic, and seasonings. Gently toss until everything's well-coated.

Packet Prep: Equally distribute the steak-potato mix among four 12x12 inch aluminum foil sheets. Seal the contents securely, forming neat foil packets.


For Grilling: Place the foil packs over high heat and grill for approximately 10 minutes each side, or until your preferred steak and potato doneness is achieved.

For Oven: Position foil packets on a baking sheet. Bake for roughly 20 minutes, or until the contents are cooked to your satisfaction.

Serve: Open the foil packets with caution — watch out for the steam! Garnish with fresh parsley for a zesty touch. Serve directly from the foil or plate them up.

In Summary:

Yearning for that perfect blend of convenience and gourmet? This Garlic Steak & Potato Foil Packet recipe is your answer. Born out of improvisation and honed by numerous family feasts, it's poised to dazzle every time. From the inviting aroma to the final satisfying bite, this is one recipe that deserves a star spot in your cooking journey!

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