The Two Dollar Store Ingredients That Will Make Your Carpet Look New Again


When my husband and I were house hunting together, I had a few specific items on my wish list. One of them was no carpeting in the house we would be living in. That’s not to say I don’t like carpet. It’s just that with kids, pets and the chaos of everyday life, it’s nearly impossible to keep carpet clean. I’m sure you all feel the same way.

Anyway, we now live in a house without carpet (except for area rugs, that is). However, I’ve lived in houses with carpet before, and I’m sure I’ll live in a house with carpet again. If you live in a carpeted house now and your carpet is in poor condition, you’re in luck. That’s because we’ve found a truly revolutionary method of carpet cleaning.

According to Instructables’ tests, baking soda and distilled vinegar are the only weapons you’ll need to deal with aging carpet stains. Here’s what you’ll need

Step 1: Make a solution of equal parts water and distilled vinegar and transfer it to a spray bottle.

Step 2: Spread a layer of baking soda on top of the carpet stain.

Step 3: Spray the vinegar/water solution on top of the baking soda.

Step 4: Let the ingredients soak for a few hours.

Step 5: Use a brush to scrape off the baking soda and vinegar paste.

Step 6: Vacuum the baking soda away.

Step 7: Enjoy a clean, stain-free and deodorized carpet.

Everyone agrees that there is nothing more satisfying than walking into a tidy home and seeing white carpet that is free of stains, but most homeowners choose other floor coverings. This is not because they don’t like the classic look, but because they are afraid of stains.

That’s dirt! And rightly so. We all know that hiring a top-notch carpet cleaner, especially after a particularly bad wine spill, can be expensive. But there are many ways to get shiny carpets without having to rely on professionals.

We’ve shown you some unusual carpet cleaning methods in the past, such as WD40 and hot irons, but this time we’re going to show you simpler methods.

Familiar materials that make carpet stains less visible

By now, we think you’ve had enough, so we won’t make you sit up and take notice anymore. Dolce’s carpet cleaning miracle is plain vinegar and baking soda.

Tests conducted by Instructables user 7-Factories actually showed that with these two ingredients, even year-old carpet stains completely disappeared. Can commercially available harmful detergents do this?

First, fill a spray bottle with a mixture of 50% vinegar and 50% water. Then apply a generous amount of baking soda to the stain. In this step, it is important to completely cover the area with deodorant. If you use too little, the hacker won’t get the best results! Make your carpet look like winter.

After your carpet starts to look like a winter wonderland, grab your vinegar and water bottle, shake it slightly, and spray the mixture directly onto the baking soda. You’ll soon have ‘volcanic’ bubbles, so if you have kids, make sure you’re around. Hours of fun for the whole family!

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